Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stopmo odds and ends

I love the tediousness of stopmotion animation. There's something thrilling about working on a film for hours, knowing that with every fraction of a centimeter you move your puppet you could sneeze and have to set the whole thing up all over again. I love it! Give me stress! And really, a sense of accomplishment. People so many times have asked about whether or not it's a real pain to animate stopmotion characters. The answer is, it's really not. It comes naturally, you become the character, and until that could friend of yours comes and slaps you on the back for doing a good job, you're breaking out animation beautifully. Below are images of maquettes taken from concept to sculpture to armature and foam/latex puppet, as well as set designs and a few other 2D elements from some of the same films.

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