Monday, June 17, 2013

New website, RAW art show, Denik journal cover

Alright! So I have an over-abundance of updates. First off, I have finally set up my new site. I may move blog posts strictly to the website so that I can keep everything in one spot, but we'll see. Please check it out - Feedback and FB artist page adds always make me a happy girl.

On another note, I'll be taking part in this upcoming RAW show for the second time. This is a great event filled with a variety of local artists and talent. There is certainly no other event quite like it, and the group that puts it together is fantastic. They work hard to make sure that everyone who is interested in the local art scene has their voice heard. Details and website to purchase tickets are linked via the image below. Tickets are $15 online (for every ticket purchased, I will add a friend or family member of yours to the guest list to attend for free!), $20 the night of the show. Online ticket sales end three days before the show, so be sure to get your tickets if you'd like to attend sooner rather than later.

I'll also be giving out free original art pieces for those who purchase tickets. Not only would I love the company, but this is a great experience. Come play with me!

And now for the third (and final) update. I just recently happened to stumble upon a great company called Denik. They take artwork from independent artists to publish on the covers of journals that they print and distribute to various companies. A portion of the proceeds of their sales go to help build schools around the world. My artwork has been accepted to their gallery - If it receives 500 likes, it will be published. Please help support me in getting this journal created, and help support this great company! Click the image below, and like away! Please spread the word ~

That's it for now - A few more updates on other art shows and film showings to come!
Keep on swimmin'.

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